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Benefits of Homemade Organic Hair Oil

  • Reduces Hair Fall & Promotes hair growth
  • Moisturizes dry & damaged hair
  • Makes your hair thick, long & silky
  • Repairs split ends and prevents breakage
  • Repairs damage from heat and chemicals


1) Shake the bottle thoroughly before using it. Apply homemade organic hair oil on your hair and massage it for 5-10 mins properly till it reaches the scalp and hair roots.

2) Leave oil on hair for 2 hours for best results. You can also leave it over night.

3) Wash it after 2 hours with your favourite shampoo.

4) Use twice a week for best results.

5) Insha’Allah, you will see 100% stop in hair fall and growth of small hair on the bald area within 2 to 3 months of use.



Mustard oil, Castor oil, Rosemary oil, Amla, Heena, Methi, Nagarmotha, Kumari, Bhringraj, Neem, Yashtimadhu, Mandukparni, Kadi Patta, Kalonji, Tulsi, Flaxseed, Jatamansi, Haritaki, Chakramarda, Karanj, Black Sesame.


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